HTML User Interface1

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The HTML DOM branch toolbar

The DOM Branch Toolbar allows the user to select and modify any node ( or HTML Element ) from the currently selected element back to the <BODY> tag element.
  1. Class (Menu Item) - allows the user to select a CSS style to apply to the element currently selected in the DOM Toolbar
  2. Edit Tag (Menu Item) - the user can edit the opening HTML tag for this element
  3. Properties (Menu Item) - for TABLE elements the user can modify the properties of either Cells, Rows, or Tables. The Image properties form may also be accessed from here 
Formatting toolbar #1  

Button Description
Show Code - Toggles between code and WYSIWYG view
Print - Prints the current document
Copy - Copies the current HTML selection onto the clipboard
Cuts - Cuts the current HTML selection from the document and places it on the clipboard
Paste - Paste the clipboard contents into the current cursor position in the document
Justify Left - Left justifies the current selection
Justify Center - Center justifies the current selection
Justify Right - Right justifies the current selection
Indent - Indents the current selection
Outdent - Outdents the current selection
Undo - undoes the last change
Redo - redoes the last undo

Formatting toolbar #2  

Button Description
Bold - Bolds the currently selected text
Italic - Italicizes the currently selected text
Underline - Underlines the currently selected text
  Strikeout- Strikes the currently selected text
  Insert Image - allows the user insert an image to the current cursor position from a file upload via FTP
  Insert Table - inserts an HTML table at the current cursor point 
  Insert / Edit Link - Inserts or Edits a hyperlink at the current cursor position
  Horizontal Rule - Inserts a horizontal rule
  Text Settings - Modifies / Sets the text font, color, and size for the current selection

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