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nBit HTML Editor ActiveX Control 3.0.8


HTML Editor ActiveX 3.2.2


  • Easily integrated into any Visual Studio Winforms, VB6, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, or MS-Access project
  • Manage HTML in your development with a simple editing interface
  • Basic enough for even the most novice of users
  • supports image uploading and manipulation, hyperlinks, Cascading Style Sheets and formatted HTML Code editing. 
  • Royalty Free Distribution of the activeX control with your applications
  • Licensed per developer workstation
  • Cost per developer $USD84.95

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Revision History

Developers ...

The editor control is a WYSIWIG HTML editor activeX control. It integrates smoothly into any application development platform capable of containing activeX components. It's features also include

  • a simple word-processor type interface that presents a very slight learning curve for your end-users
  • HTML Table editing
  • CSS documents support
  • an integrated FTP component for uploading images inserted into HTML documents
  • an EditorEnabled property that can lock the editor, remove the toolbars and display only the HTML content.

Image Manipulation is Easy .....

hyperlink over images, edit img properties Users can insert images into their documents with one button click. The selected is image can be uploaded to their web server via FTP simply by setting the FTP login credentials and storage directory for the server.
Once inserted the image can be resized with the mouse or, along with other properties like alt and border by selecting "images properties" from the "right-click" context menu. Users can choose to maintain the aspect ratio of their image when re-sizing or reset the image to its original properties.

Simple 'Word-Processor' styled interface..... 

Endusers do not face a steep learning curve as the editor's interface resembles many familiar word-processors, with similar buttons and accelerator keys. HTML elements can be inserted using the buttons on the three moveable toolbars.

Each toolbar can have it's visible property turned on and off. Toolbar 1 contains standard editor features such as cut / copy / paste , undo / redo , justification and indenting. Toolbar 2 contains other text modification commands and table , link , image upload buttons. Toolbar 3 handles HTML form objects.

HTML Source Editing ..... 

Formatted HTML source editing with line numbering

Advanced users can view and edit the HTML code for the document and make and view the resulting changes instantly in WYSIWYG view.

HTML DOM Tree Node Selector ..... 

Set CSS attributes for HTML elements with ease, edit the opening tags and insert, delete, and merge cells and rows in HTML tables

Select any node of the current HTML DOM node and either edit the tag directly, set the CSS class or, in the case of TABLE elements, edit the layout properties of tables, rows and cells on a custom properties form.

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