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HTML Editor ActiveX
Q. When I try to run the sample project I get a run-time error 713?
A. In the sample VB6 projects in versions 1.0.8 and earlier the editor control was data-bound, requiring the MS data binding collection to be installed on your machine. Please download the newest version, the sample project does not contain any data bound files. If you wish to see a data bound usage of the Editor control version 1.0.10 contains a MS-Access sample where the control is bound to memo field.
Q. Why is the nag-screen displayed to end-users in my deployed appllication?
A. You need to include the rHTMLEditor.lic file from your system32 directory in the deployment package. This file must be copied by the installer to the end-users system32 directory. Version 2.0 and greater of the activeX now supports a setLicenceKey() method that can be used as an alternative to the licencing file.
Q. How do i use the HTML Edit Control in MS-Access? 
A. Read the documentation on using Access here
Q. How do I use the HTML Edit Control In Borland Delphi 
A. Read the documentation on using Delphi here
Q. Why do i get a GPL/exception when i close a form in Borland Delphi7?

A. Call the free() method for the control in the unload event of the container form. 

eg HTMLed1.free();

Q. How do i prevent a GPL/exception when i close a form in Visual Studio .NET applications?
A. In some cases, especially when using runtime generated instances of the editor it is necessary to force garbage collection when the container form is closed. Call the ambient dispose() method of the control when in the closed event of the container form.
Q. When i use the open_document method of the editor to open an existing HTML file i cannot see the images in the editor?
A. if the HTML file contains relative URLs for image paths ( eg <img src=/images/someimg.jpg> ) then you must the baseURL property of the editor before opening the HTML file.
Q. What files do i need to to include when distributing my application?

A. A detailed explanation of the files and requirements to deploy the HTML Editing control can be found here



If you have any other questions regarding the HTML Editor OCX, HTML Viewer ActiveX, or Easy FTP DLL then pleaseemail. All queries are most welcome ...

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