Deploying the HTML Editor

The HTML Editor OCX is a COM component and hence has prerequisites outside of the .NET framework and dependencies other than just the MSOffice components for it to function correctly. The following is a list of COM components that must be distributed with the control, some of which must be registered on the target machine. Registration of COM based libraries can be performed from the command line, however most deployment packagers ( on-click, VB6 P&D Wizard, Wise, InstallShield etc) have this functionality included.

Files required to be deployed with the HTML Editor Active Control
File  Action 
rmpHTML.ocx  register (regsvr32.exe utility)
' vb6 runtimes    
system32\stdole2.tlb  register as type library (regtlib.exe utility)
system32\msvbvm60.dll  register 
system32\oleaut32.dll  register 
system32\olepro32.dll  register 
system32\comcat.dll  register 
'end vb6 runtimes   
system32\comdlg32.ocx  register (only for build 2.5.2 and earlier of the control) 
system32\richtx32.ocx   register (only for build 3.0.8 and later of the control) 
system32\mscomctl.ocx  register 
system32\comct332.ocx  register (min version 


Visual Studio .NET

If you are using with a VS2005 one-click deployment package or VS2003 deployment project both will detect that the rmpHTML.OCX and associated assemblies are required but will not dig any deeper into what is required for the control to run correctly. So, either you need to include the other requirements in your deployment project, or, package them as a separate installation to be run when your application is installed or run by the end-user for the first time. The first option requires the most work initially but is the most desirable in the long run.

In the deployment project "folders" window in the VS2k3/2k5 dotNet IDE right click and add the system32 folder from the "add a special folder" context menu option. Into this folder add the files listed above and set the register fliag to "vsdrfCOM" and sharedlegacyfile to true so that removing your application from the users system will not damage other apps depending on the vb6 runtime.

COM deployment

The setupHTMLEdit.exe installer downloadable from this website is created using innoSetup. innoSetup is a freeware script based installation generator created by Jordan Russell ( ... You may download the inno script used to create the setupHTMLedit.exe installer from here.